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Transformers Takara Leo Prime

Transformers Takara Leo Prime
Bend before the ways of Heavy Metal! 
The  Takara Leo Prime is a regal, kingly, headmaster that sadly fails to be an inspiration in his alt modes.

If we understand his history correctly - which we really don't - this is the main protagonist of the comic book series Beast Wars: Uprising.

This is Lio Convoy, AKA Leo Prime, the Guardian of Order and keeper of the Energon Matrix. He becomes disillusioned with the new caste system of Cybertron and kicks off the Grand Uprising AKA the 4th Cybertronian War. Dubbed a terrorist, Leo Prime would battle the forces of the Builders - the descendants of the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Sometime towards the end of the war, he would sacrifice himself to defeat his arch nemesis, Galva Convoy, and would be rebuilt into the triple-changer you see here.


Okay we still can't read Japanese, so God knows what's written on the back of the blister pack.

Leo Prime box view - frontLeo Prime box view - back

LG-41 Leo Prime Back ViewLeo PrimeTakara identifies this particular Transformer as LG-41; Leo Prime, who transforms from "Ancient Leo" to Robot. The Transformers Takara Leo Prime makes use of the body mold originally used by the Hasbro Voyager Class Titans Return Alpha Trion - except Alpha Trion comes with the Headmaster Sovereign, and Leo Prime comes with an un-named Headmaster who is a re-deco of Sentinel Prime's Headmaster Infinitus.

Takara Leo Prime with his Solipsistic Staff
This is my staff. I know what a staff is.
LG-41 Leo Prime come armed with the Solipsistic Staff (Which is really a sword) AKA the Typhoon Staff. This is Leo Prime - or Lio Convoy's - personal staff (Seriously! it's a sword - sometimes a halberd) - that marks Leo Prime as the Guardian of the Order and, in theory, generates a field that prevents anyone from recording him and disable any Cybertronian that he wishes. Supposedly it also protects him from Builder security checks.

Backing up his "staff" is a "Leo Missile" AKA the "Typhoon Arrow" - which also isn't a missile, it looks more like a turret with three guns that Leo's Headmaster can ride - and a rifle.

His three weapons can be mounted on various points on his back

As with Alpha Trion, pressing the Maximal sphere on his chest releases a pair of horns that frames his Headmaster's head. Unfortunately our particular Leo Prime's inner workings aren't up to spec and we are unable to retract the horns without difficulty.

The internet was quick to criticize Leo Convoy for appearing to have a pair of claws holding boobs up. And.... well it's true, if you follow his transformation sequence correctly, it does look like he has a pair of claw that are holding his massive breasts. So we reversed the direction of the claws which gave him a better defined chest (He no longer looks fat) and a skirt that thickened his hips and made him more regal instead of top heavy.

Leo Prime adjusted

Picture of the intricate detail that went into Leo Prime
Check out my bling

FIRST: Look at that detailing! Look at the etching that went into his horns, and armor. Simply amazing!

It's one thing to draw these out on paper, but to have to actually carve out the mold into something so tiny and ensure that it comes out great? That takes the work of a master.

Well done Hasbro and Takara.

Too bad we can't get the horns to retract while the Headmaster is attached so that we could shoot what it looks like without them.

SECOND:We really like how they broke up Leo Prime's face-plate. It makes him look older and far more authoritative. Now if only his Headmaster had a name.

Leo Prime's unnamed HeadmasterLeo Prime's unnamed HeadmasterLeo Prime's unnamed Headmaster

THIRD: We're not really bothered by our particular Leo Prime's inability to retract his horns while in robot mode, because the horns really, really add to how regal he looks. He's definitely a barbarian lord - armored, huge shoulders, animal furs, gold, the head of beasts, claws, and a big-ass sword. Definitely not someone you want to meet in the battlefield.

Kingly Leo Prime
I am king!
FOURTH: Articulation - despite his big broad shoulders - is pretty decent. As you've seen above, he can dual-wield the Solipsistic Staff and he was quite a joy to pose. He can't twist at the waist though - bummer. 

Transformers Takara LG-41 Leo Prime
Transformers Takara LG-41 Leo PrimeTransformers Takara LG-41 Leo Prime
Transformers Takara LG-41 Leo Prime

And yes, Leo Prime can kneel - not that he ever did or would.

Leo Prime kneelingLeo Prime kneeling


FIRST: Check it out! Leo Prime transforms into a gold, white and red lion.... that is also a unicorn.

We're honestly not 100% sold on the concept nor are we happy about the very Zoid looking gun turret that the Headmaster can ride upon up top.

Not that we have anything against Zoids but a Zoid is a Zoid and a Transformer is a Transformer. Merging the two is confusing and a bit lazy to us.

Speaking of  Zoids, we've actually seen something cool and really similar to Leo Prime - only done better. We give you: the Zoids Liger Zero Pheonix.

Zoids Liger Zero Pheonix
Now that's a Zoid
 We're bringing this up out of nostalgia and a because we think this really, really looks cool.

Back to Leo Prime. 

SECOND: This is what we were supposed to get: A powerful, agile, regal animal of destruction.

"Derailment", published by Fun Publications, Hasbro (© 2016)
This is the barely moving, stiff, carnival ride freakshow that we got:

Leo Prime Lion mode
I'm a Lion AND! A UNICORN!!!!
Leo Prime Lion ModeLeo Prime Lion Mode

As mentioned, he can barely move, his hind-legs have to be placed askew or he looks like a poorly stuffed animal. His jaws don't move. God knows where his eyes are. Oh and his staff is stuck up where the sun don't shine! 

THIRD: This may be nitpicking - and because Leo Prime was built over somebody else's torso - but Takara could have developed an original torso and sacrifice this third form in order to make the lion mode of Leo Prime much more appealing and dynamic. 

Further we think that the "space carrier" mode is a bit "meh." It's too small to be regal or powerful. 

Leo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier modeLeo Prime Space Carrier mode

The Transformers Takara LG-41 Leo Prime is a great looking figure and a definite conversation piece that should go on display. Just don't transform him. He is currently available on Amazon for US$ 40 (Roughly PhP 2,000 plus shipping). 

He is king!

Transformers Takara LG-41 Leo Prime
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