Thursday, October 6, 2016

Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey
Presenting Jean Grey, the Phoenix, Fire and Life Incarnate, from the Marvel Legends X-Men series

To the uninitiated, this specific Jean Grey remains dead (Killed by Xorn). She was last seen in 2005 ascending into a higher plane of existence with the Phoenix Force and in 2012 convincing Cyclops to let go of the Pheonix Force.

Marvel has teased plans for her return, but for now seems happy to have the time-displaced Teenage Jean in active service - which must really make things uncomfortable for Old Man Logan - who hopefully will finally find happiness in the hands of Storm (Though even that's a bit of a May-December romance).


That! Is a wonderful behind
The Marvel Legends Phoenix's blister card reads "An expert of psionic force, Jean Grey uses her powers of telepathy and telekinesis as the mind-controlling hero, Phoenix."

Given that power description, this is Jean Grey and not the Phoenix entity. This costume was used by the non-Phoenix Jean Grey circa 2000s around the time of the Twelve story arc prior to the merging of Cyclops and Apocalypse.

It also just occurred to us that Rachel Grey is now older than her time-displaced mother and they haven't bonded yet. Also Rachel never used the Phoenix costume despite carrying the moniker.

For more about Rachel Grey, the Phoenix, click here.

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey

FIRST: Phoenix is a massive improvement over the original Phoenix released by Toybiz and one waaay better than the Jean Grey that was released as a part of a 2-pack with Cable (the one that looks like she was snorting Joker gas).

The spindly, slightly too-long arms and legs are gone, replaced with smooth, muscular yet womanly and very sexy arms and legs while maintaining a very high-level of articulation. Marvel Legends Phoenix re-uses a body mold of course, ironically the base is Emma Frost's.

The ab-crunch and the hand joints are gone though in exchange for the new ball-mounted upper torso and a static set of hands, but we can live with that.

So we truly appreciate how fine she is.

SECOND: As you can see the Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey's articulation is excellent!

And yes, the Marvel Legends Phenonix - Jean Grey action figure can kneel:

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey
Marvel Legend
Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey
And of course she looks incredible with a stand:


FIRST: The Marvel Legends Phoenix - Jean Grey - comes with the face of a mannequin. Sadly we mean that both as a a compliment and a complaint.

She's beautiful! There's no doubt about that and we actually love that long shock of red-hair (Someone out there is already making a custom Starfire we're sure of it).

Unfortunately her face also carries the emotional range of a mannequin - which is zilch. She looks like she took a bath in botox.

It seriously is a toss up now as to whether or not Jean Grey's facial expression is more deadpan than Gamora's.

Ironically Jean Grey is a model by profession.

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF series Phoenix - Jean Grey is available on Amazon for  US$ 16.95 (Roughly PhP 814 plus shipping). This particular Jean Grey was borrowed from a friend here in Fairview and set him back around PhP 1,200 (Roughly US$ 25).

Now we're pretty sure that Cyclops has considered this:

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