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7 Jedi who survived Order 66 - The Jedi Purge

Star Wars Black Series 6"
Anakin Skywaker was weak I destroyed him.
Then I will avenge his death!
Revenge is not the Jedi way.
I am no Jedi! 
Presenting 7 Jedi who survived Order 66.

Actually the list of survivors is higher than 7.. There were quite a few that survived the Empire's Jedi purge. Unfortunately there's also the sad tale of Jedi being turned by the Emperor against other Jedi (As was the case of the Verpine Jedi Master Beyghor Sahdett). We're including some of those who started out as Jedi and fell to the Dark Side..

The list we will be presenting is also by no means final. The writers from Star Wars have yet to finish the destinies of several individuals on this list. The Jedi Purge officially started in 19 BBY, and ended in 1 BBY. So the Jedi included in the Star Wars Rebel series might eventually not survive the purge after all.

Star Wars history is now so confusing thanks to the destruction of the Expanded Universe. Some of these characters actually now have two Wikipedia pages thanks to that. So please don't take any of what follows that seriously.

We decided to not to include Ezra Bridger because.. well... we really don't like that whinny brat.


Honorable mentions:
Here are a few Jedi that almost made it:

Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Purge
Jedi Knight Sia-Lan Wezz - First to die
1) The Kessel Conclave: This particular tale is chronicled in the 2005 Dark Horse Star Wars one-shot comic book entitled Purge. Dark Horse touted it as the "Last Stand of the Jedi" and there is currently no greater gathering on record than the 8 that attended the conclave.

Jedi Master Shadday Potkin had become disillusioned with the seeming capitulation of the Jedi in the face of the Galactic Empire. So she gathered 7 other Jedi together in Kessel under the guise of further discussing what the role of the Jedi was in the new order.

The 8 Jedi present were:
  • Jedi Master Shadday Potkin
  • Jedi Master Koffi Arana
  • Jedi Master Tsui Choi
  • Jedi Master Roblio Darte
  • Jedi Master Jastus Farr
  • Jedi Knight Ma'kis'shaalas
  • Jedi Knight Bultar Swan
  • Jedi Knight Sia-Lan Wezz
The 5 Masters and 3 knights start debating between passively accepting their fate and hiding, or tempting the possibility of falling to the Dark Side and seeking vengeance against Palpatine and his enforcer Darth Vader

Star Wars Purge
Jedi Knight Bultar Swan, Jedi Master Koffi Arana
Jedi Mater Tsui Choi
Unbeknownst to the 7 other Jedi, Potkin had released information about the meeting to the Empire in the hopes of bringing Vader to them.. A fierce see-saw battle ensued and Darth Vader was finally wounded, missing an arm, and on his knees.

These three were among the last standing:

Jedi Knight Bultar Swan: Jedi Knight Bultar Swan was the Asian Jedi who appeared in the Jedi Assault on Geonosis. She was played by Australian actress Mimi Daraphet.

Bultar Swan survived Geonosis and the Clone Wars. She was killed with her own lightsaber by Jedi Master Koffi Arana after she refused to kill Darth Vader (As it was not the Jedi way)

Star Wars Purge
If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together
Jedi Master Koffi Arana: Here's how disgusted Jedi Master Koffi Arana was with the Jedi: "Two Sith—only two—and the entire Jedi Order is laid waste. What good have the Jedi teachings been? Kill the Sith. Kill the Sith, and their Empire falls!"

Master Arana's lightsaber was disrupted by Jedi Master Potkin's Cortosis blade - which Darth Vader took from her after snapping her neck. So he couldn't finish off Vader when he surrendered. So when Jedi Knight Bultar Swan refused to kill him, he killed her with her own blade. He then leaped onto Vader using Swan's blade, but was impaled by Vader's Force thrown Cortosis Blade. Vader then took Swan's blade to finish the battle.

Jedi Master Tsui Choi: The Aleema Jedi Master led a squadron of Clone pilots that used the designation Red Squadron. Too bad you can't trace Red Squadron from the Clone Wars to Rogue Squadron.

Jedi Master Tsui Choi fought a lot like Master Yoda: a literal blue dervish to Yoda's green. In his final battle, he was able to cut Darth Vader's sword arm off, forcing Vader to feign surrender. He met his end when he leaped to meet the incoming Vader's Fist, who came to the aid of their failing leader, in an attempt to allow the surviving Jedi to escape. Darth Vader caught and held him in mid-air with Force telekinesis. Knowing he was doomed, he hurled his lightsaber at Vader scoring a hit against the side of his head - breaching Vader's armor and adding another scar to Anakin's face.

2) Jedi Master Roan Shryne: This Jedi Master was strong enough in the Force to be a candidate for the Jedi council - a rank he never attained though.

Supposedly Roan made an appearance in the battle of Geonosis in Episode II, but the goatee bearing Jedi was never really identified.

Suffering huge personal losses in the Galactic Civil War, Roan's cynicism weakened his connection with the Force, and he went through the rest of the Clone Wars on sheer skill and guts alone.

Star Wars Order 66
The Force will never die.
A life debt owed him by a Clone Captain spared him from Order 66 and Roan eventually denounced the Force and hid as a smuggler alongside his biological mother.

The Force was not done with him however and he eventually found himself in the Empire's battle that would bring the Wookie planet of. Kashyyyk to heel.

In the midst of the raging battle on Kashyyyk, Jedi Roan Shryne finally found the peace of mind that reestablished his connection with the Force. He performed a holding action that allowed younger Jedi and Jedi younglings to flee the planet, killing Clone Commnder Appo in the process. His connection to the Force was now strong enough that he held his own alone against Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle.

Eventually though Vader prevailed by overwhelming the Jedi with telekinesis. Darth Vader revealed his identity to his former friend hoping to crush his spirit, but Jedi Master Roan Shryne was really finally at peace. Among his last words were: "An explosion bright as a star. A forest world, intrepid defenders, escaping ships,, I think, somehow at the center of it all. Skywalker, it won't matter if you find them. It won't matter if you find and kill every Jedi who survived Order Sixty-Six. I understand now...the Force will never die."

3) Force Sensitive Galen Marek: Galen Marek is the... well technically he wasn't Sith because the Rule of 2 prevents him from being called that - not while Palpatine lived.... so let's call him what he is: A Dark Side trained Jedi anti-hero. Darth Vader's apprentice is the main protagonist of the Force: Unleashed series - though it was his clone, Starkiller, who was the protagonist in the 2nd video game as (officially) Galen martyrs himself for his friends and the Rebellion.

Star Wars Order 66
Without me, you'll never be free.
4) The Dark Woman:The death of the extremely powerful and controversial Jedi Master known only as the Dark Woman, officially marked the end of the Jedi Purge in 1 BBY. 

The Dark Woman gave up her real name (An'ya Kuro) to the Force, but was feared by some Jedi as someone who may or may not be dabbling in the Dark Side. The Dark Woman and was known for her brutal training methods that created such great Masters as Ki-Adi Mundi and Jon Antilles (Killed by Durge). Unfortunately her training methods also produced Aura Sing - Hunter of Jedi -  and A'Sharad Hett - who would become Darth Krayt (No longer canon?). 

Star Wars Order 66
Anakin... I see within you the power to release yourself from the Dark Side
The Dark Woman supposedly could Force phase through solid objects and Force Teleport. She participated in air-combat during the battle of Geonosis, and was a spy through most of the Clone Wars which is why she escaped Order 66 - going into exile instead and building a garden (She had an affinity for plant control) on Cophrigin V in the Outer Rim.

The Dark Woman also has one of the most intricate Lightsaber hilts in existence, and used a purple blade similar to the one used by Jedi Master Mace Windu. If we're right, given her advanced age, she would also have been the first Jedi to use a purple blade, not Master Windu. Whether or not it is also powered with a Hurrikaine crystal though is not disclosed.

The Emperor's Hand Mara Jade eventually found her and Darth Vader went to finish her off.  The Dark Woman told Vader that she had come to accept her fate, but fought him anyway. Despite her advanced age, the Dark Woman fought Vader to a standstill. 

When Darth Vader finally struck her down, the Dark Woman became a Force Ghost and taunted Vader with these words:  "Anakin…I see within you the power to release yourself from the dark side." Prompting a surge in rage in Darth Vader who made futile attempts to striker her ghost and declare "NO! I seek no release! Anakin no longer exists!"

Alive before 1BBY:
Here are a few Jedi that might make it as their final fates have not yet been determined:

Star Wars Order 66
You lie. You cheat. You steal. You survive.
1) Padawan/Knight Kanan Jarrus / Caleb Dume:

Caleb Dume was one of the youngest Force Initiates to become a Padawan during the Clone Wars - an act partly brought about by desperation given the number of dead in the ranks of the Jedi.  His master was Jedi Councilwoman Master Depa Billaba.

Unfortunately before he could reach knighthood, Order 66 happened. The last words of Master Billaba to him were: "Caleb, we cannot win this battle... you must run. Go. I'll be right behind you."

She lied.

Caleb was "adopted" by a smuggler, changed his name to Kanan Jarrus, and put his life as a Jedi behind him til "Rebels"

He was conferred the rank of Jedi Knight by a test prompted by the Force Projection of Master Yoda.

Darth Maul would later claim his eyes.

Oh we're not crazy,
we've just embraced the power of the dark side
2) Padawan Maris Brood: There are two issues we have with both Galen Marek/Starkiller and Maris Brood. It involves the existence of Brood's 2nd Master, Shaak Ti (Maris' original Master left her when Order 66 began to find out what was happening). 

Shaak Ti's supposed official death now is in the defense of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. If that's the case then she couldn't have been Maris Brood's master and she could not have dueled Starkiller. Her Expanded Universe demise comes from the hands of Starkiller.

Maris is also the wielder of the most dangerous and impractical lightsaber set ever. How she hasn't cut herself in half is beyond us.

We also debated whether or not to place her here because she fell to the Dark Side, but if don't put her here, someone might notice and make the argument that she started out being trained by a Light Sider. 

Maris Brood was last seen around 2BBY. Her final fate is unknown.

I am no Jedi. 
3) Failed Jedi Ahsoka Tano: The very fact that Star Wars fans are still debating whether or not Anakin Skywalker's former apprentice survived their last encounter in our opinion, is too much gold for Disney to just throw away.

We're admittedly not fans of Star Wars Rebels because we feel it, quite literally, throws canon out of the window and makes the Empire look completely incompetent, though we did enjoy the confrontation between Darth Vader and Ahsoka. It was.... quite satisfying. Ahsoka's fighting style is a nice contrast to Darth Vader's overpowering combat style (Though the music was.... really bad).

Personally we think that they'll stretch the final fate of this failed Jedi as long as possible. Whether or not she survives past 1BBY is therefore still up in the air.

There will definitely be a round 2 of that fight.

Alive during/after 1BBY:
Specifically these are the Jedi who were still alive following the death of the Dark Woman - who's death officially marked the end of the Jedi Purge:

1-2) Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda: Well you kinda should know that they survived right? And eventually became one with the Force. If you haven't seen the original trilogy, what are you doing here? We're definitely looking forward to the rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi series

Star Wars Order 66
Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes
I never ask for permission to do anything, my darling. 
3) Padawan Aurra Sing: Aurra Sing is the failed Padawan of the Dark Woman. She was kidnapped as a Padawan and the Jedi were unable to recover her. Her brutal training combined with this feeling of abandonment resulted in her need to hunt down and kill Jedi - preferably fot  money. AKA as Nashtah, she's a half-human half Hutt (just joking, no one knows what the other half-is).

You gotta love someone who screams: "There is no one like me in the galaxy! I am justice! I am the bane of the Jedi! I haunt the dreams of their Padawans! I will drink your fear and spill your blood and my hate will scar the galaxy! I am Aurra Sing!"

Aurra's Expanded Universe history reads that aside from collecting lightsabers as a hobby, Aurra Sing mentored a young Boba Fett and later served as an Imperial Agent for Darth Vader waay past the Battle of Yavin. Her new history doesn't mention her death.... yet.

4) Jedi Master Rahm Kota: Rahm Kota was recruited into the Jedi order by Master Mace Windu, despite being quite advanced in age for admission.

He became a General during the Clone wars but distrusted the Clones (Personally, the Jedi Council should have also distrusted an army bred for them that they did not order). Rahm Kota instead used a militia comprised of volunteers. As such, he survived Order 66.

This is crazy. A blind man and a fool, against the Empire
General Rahm Kota and his militia attacked a TIE fighter Assembly plant orbiting Nar Shadaa in the hopes of drawing out Darth Vader. Unfortunately, Vader's Apprentice Galen Marek showed up instead and in the duel that followed Rahm Kota lost his eyesight.

Shaken, Rahm Kota lost his connection to the Force and became a drunkard. Eventually he was sought out by Galen who had been mandated by Vader to start a Rebellion (In a long twisted plot by Vader to overthrow his master). Rahm sensed that this was the Force sensitive that took his eyesight and felt that there was something more behind his story, but he also felt that Vader had failed to completely corrupt Galen.

And so a rebellion was born.

Captured, Rahm Kota was actually able to seize Palpatine's lightsaber, kill two of his Imperial Guards, and survive several Force Lightning Strikes from Palpatine. While escaping, Galen sacrificed himself to protect Rahm and the other Rebels from any further lightning strikes.

He would later be the ally of Starkiller, Galen's clone, and together they would capture Darth Vader (Which really F's up canon).

General Rahm Kota would later lead the clone of his long dead Padawan in a raid on the Deathstar for vital information that would later lead to its destruction. Supposedly he was on Yavin 4 during the destruction of the Death Star. But since this collides with the plot for Rogue One and the Force Unleashed game clashes with everything else, who knows if he's still even exists?

Star Wars Order 66 Jedi Purge
Remember... you always have a choice to be better.
You always have a choice to... to pick the right path.
Even if that choice comes a little late
5) Jedi Master Quinlan Vos: "Master Vos! Master Vos! How did you survive the Jedi Purge?" asked the curious youngling. Vos sat back, looked away with sadness, and let out a long sigh - as if the child had asked him to open a wound that refused to close. Finally he replied: "I got a girl pregnant."

Of course that's an oversimplification. The Gray Jedi who fell into the Darkside in both his Expanded Universe History and in his new History, had to fight for his life and nearly die in Kashyyyk - Yes, Master Yoda left him there to die, but then we believe he had already signified his intent to leave the Order because he was in love (And Jedi are forbidden to have such attachments). In the new history, Quinlan Vos was also determined to leave the order because of his love for Asajj Ventress (Who actually brought him back to the Lightside of the Force).

But she died.

In the Expanded Universe, Vos marries and retires with his wife and son. The new history has not determined his final fate yet.

Don't look so amazed.
The Sith were always born and re-born within the ranks of the Jedi.
6) Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett: Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett is the son of a very famous former Jedi Knight named Sharad Hett and a human female who had been kidnapped as a child and integrated into the Tusken Tribes of Tatooine.

Sharad could not prevent his son from being strong in the Force and trained his son in the ways of the Force instead of informing the Jedi Council and surrendering his son for more formal training. Therefore A'Sharad Hett grew up in Tatooine as one of the Sand People - even surviving an initiation to manhood requirement of slaying a Krayt Dragon.

Sharad Hett would eventually fall to the bane-of-the failed Jedi Aurra Sing - who ironically was trained by An'Ya Kuro, the Dark Woman. Sharad's death brought A'Sharad Hett existence to the knowledge of the Jedi who sent the Dark Woman and Ki-Adi Mundi (Another of the Dark Woman's former Padawans) to hunt down Aurra Sing.

A'Sharad Hett became a Jedi and rose to the rank of Master. He survived Order 66 because he was out on a scouting mission and easily disappeared into the sands of Tatooine. He and Obi-Wan Kenobi ended up in a quarrel that cost him his arm.

Now that the Expanded Universe is gone, whether or not he becomes the infamous Darth Krayt is unknown.

6) Jedi Master K'Kruhk: Jedi Master K'Kruhk is a Whippid - tall, extremely strong sentient beings from the planet Toola, known for their tusks and the tendency to hold a grudge.

Master K'Kruhk is known primarily for having his ass handed to him by General Grievous in the Clone Wars, and for hanging out with the more unstable of the Jedi - particularly Quinlan Vos and A'Sharad Hett.

Master K'Kruhk was guarding Jedi younglings when Order 66 went out. He survived purely on his skills alone and was able to relocate the younglings and some Jedi to a hidden base.

He had to leave them though when he realized that his violent tendencies were a bad influence to the younger Jedi.

If you follow the Expanded Universe, K'Kruhk would survive waaay past the time of Luke Skywalker and become one of the main characters who would stand against the tyranny of his former friend, A'Sharad Hett - who had risen to become Darth Krayt.

I've died any number of times in my life. Or so I've heard.
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