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Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime

Oritoy Hero of Steel
Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime 
Presenting Optimus Prime, Hero of Steel from Ori Toy.

A few months ago we were having an interesting conversation about Optimus Prime and 3rd party Transformers.

We were wondering just how in the world both Takara and Hasbro could allow 3rd party companies to get away with, - what would seem perfectly obvious to any casual observer - complete trademark rip offs of their products. 

Not that we're complaining - since we, too, gobble up the 3r party products like there's no tomorrow, but.... seriously?

It turns out that all a 3rd party manufacturer has to do is remove the Autobot or Deception logos from their "products" (They can't call them Transformers) and they are considered distinct enough not to be copies of the Transformers owned by Hasbro and Takara. 

That's just not right.

So we were wondering how Ori Toy got away with this because that Autobot logo on Optimus Prime's shoulder is not something we had to add on, and Ori Toy is using the name "Optimus Prime


The answer came from the box that we had casually ignored: Ori Toy was licensed to make this particular Optimus Prime. They even carry the Tansformers Generations and Hasbro logos on the box.

This is the Pre-Order Edition which we understand is more expensive than the regular version. If we understand it correctly, the only difference between the two is the Pre-Order edition comes with Megatron as a pistol.

A quick glance at the Ori Toys website says: "Established in 2009, Ori Toy Limited is a toy design company, which creates and manufactures original toys as key business. 

In recent toys market, it seems that toys are being rigidly categorized, for example, action figure, licensed figure, designer vinyl toys, etc. Ori Toy is attempting to create a distinct market by producing more innovative products; we hope our toys can be a refreshing nutrients to the toys world. 

Toys bring happiness to us. Ori Toy is not going to produce some collectible toys that people will never take out from the box; we just want to make some toys that everyone can play with fun. Bringing joy to players is our main goal to reach. 

We love toys, we play toys and we make toys. Welcome to our colorful toys world!!" 

Their Facebook page says that they are a "small business" and apparently these are the cool guys behind the Acid Rain figures that we wish we had.

Ori Toy Hero of Steel
Freeze Motherfracker!!!
What's to like about the Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime?

FIRST: The Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime is a pretty little thing! He's a unique mold with an visage that can be traced back to his G1 origins but beefier. This incarnation of Optimus prime looks like he was built to be a gun platform - what with those big solid feet and strong uper body.

Prime's face now has a touch of Gundam in it. And one of the issues that we actually have with the figure is that this incarnation of Optimus Prime comes with yellow eyes. We're trying to remember which other Optimus Prime has yellow eyes, but we can't seem to recall if any other Prime does have yellow eyes.

The Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime stands around 9" tall, making him stand just a smidge under the height of an MP10 and taller than our recently reviewed Spark Toys Alpha Pack ST-01 War Within Optimus Prime.

Here's the Hero of Steel's new mug up close:

SECOND: Boy can he move! Ori Toy gifted Optimus Prime with over 40 die-cast metal, thermoplastic polymer and synthetic plastic polymer made points of articulation. Because of this, Ori Toy does not consider it to be a toy and the packaging says so. The Hero of Steel Optimus Prime is recommended for persons who are 15 years old and above. The only action figure in the Dungeon which we believe could match the articulation of the Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime is the Marvel Legends Series 1 Iron Man - and only because he can move his arms into his chest.

For more about the Marvel Legends Series 1 Iron Man, click here.

This Optimus Prime can flex his chest:

Stretch his back:

Basically Optimus is sexy and he knows it:

Ori Toy Hero of Steel
Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime 

He's a regular macho dancer. Yes he can dance:

And thanks to his incredibly large feet that serve as a wonderful base, he can hold a kick-pose.

His legs can also compress to a certain degree:

Ori Toy gave Optimus Prime a really big ion-canon with tabs on both sides of the grip that can be tabbed into either hand. The ion-cannon can also be tabbed into a locking slot on his back:

And boy can he use it:

Ori Toy Hero of Steel
Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime 

The Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime also comes with Megatron in pistol form. He starts out as a Luger and you can add on the other components. Note how the stock avoids knocking into Optimus Prime's forearm:

Megatron can only be tabbed into Optimus Prime's right arm, but yeah nothing stops you from putting it into his left hand if you want. Check out how Optimus can dual wield Megatron:

Ori Toy Hero of Steel
I am Iron Man
Ori Toy Hero of Steel
Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime
Ori Toy Hero of Steel
This will light our darkest hour.
What's NOT to like about the Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime?

There are just a few things that we have against the Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime - other than the yellow eyes.

FIRST: No he does not transform. No he cannot transform. No he will never transform.

SECOND: He doesn't have a Matrix of Leadership - though he can hold one and we have a lot lying around so we gave him one.

THIRD: Optimus Prime's weapon tabs are kinda hard to use. Half the time we feel like the weapons aren't really in the hand tabs because a) they're really shallow, and b) they can't be seen between the fingers and size of the weapons.

This particular Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime is from the private collection of a friend of the Dungeon and is not available on Amazon  - as of this writing. He is however available on TFSource for US$ 159.99 (roughly PhP 7,160 plus shipping). This is the price for the pre-order version. The regular version is US$ 20 less.

And it's not a toy :)

Ori Toy Hero of Steel Optimus Prime 
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