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Marvel Legends Rogue

Marvel Legends X-Men Series Juggernaut BAF
Marvel Legends X-Men Rogue
Presenting the X-Man Rogue from the Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut BAF series.

To the uninitiated, Anna Marie, the mutant also known as Rogue, is currently a member of Captain America's Avengers Unity Squad along with Deadpool.  A power thief, she currently has the powers and psyche of Simon Williams, Wonder-Man, making her nigh invulnerable, strong enough to take on Thor, and pretty much immortal.

But that's the current comic book Rogue.

This Rogue is based upon the 90s incarnation of Rogue as she was redesigned by Jim Lee when she rejoined the X-Men after being among the X-Men lost to the Siege Perilous (Though technically that may have been Carol Danver's - whose psyche resided in Rogue - doing, not Rogue's.)

In this guise, Rogue had the powers of the pre-Binary Carol Danvers, so: flight, invulnerability, super-strength and a "7th sense" which allowed her to predict the movements of her enemies (Allowing her to actually predict where a teleporter like Nightcrawler would next appear).


The Marvel Legends X-Men Series Juggernaut BAF Rogue's blister pack reads "With just one touch, Rogue can absorb anyone's superpowers - making her capabilities in any matchup nearly limitless."

Except during the time that she was wearing this uniform Rogue had yet to master her abilities and was quite insecure about the use of her power.

This was also the time that Gambit started dating Rogue - but we should note that before this, she and Magneto hooked up, so old Erik Lehnsherr had dibs.

Marvel Legends X-Men
Marvel Legends X-Men Rogue

FIRST: She's really hot and pretty! Marvel understands that there is no real reason to re-invent the wheel and decided, after being faced with the popularity of this particular body in the market, to re-use the body that has been used to make Satana, Carol Danvers, Black Cat and even Spider-Woman.  This body is more muscular and a bit more... busty... than the more tactical body used to make Black Widow, and Sharon Carter or the more lithe "abtastic" body used by the Scarlet Witch, White Queen and Kitty Pryde.

Of course then Marvel tacked on a brand new jacket and shoulder sculpt and granted Rogue a very beautiful face.

Here's Rogue's face up close.

There's a certain sass mixed in with the traditional - but quite beautiful - Marvel dead-pan face.

We love the fact that her hair and bandanna are windswept and the fact that Rogue's hair does not interfere with her articulation.

Here's  look at Rogue's classic strong and "round" body - it's a great tribute to someone who is supposed to be the X-Men's more versatile powerhouse (Versus the more "static" Colossus):

SECONDThe body she has comes with incredible articulation - and as mentioned, her hair doesn't really affect her articulation. Yes, she can kneel:

But Rogue's articulation is best displayed in the air:

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Rogue
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Rogue
THIRDRogue comes with a spare "bare" hand so that she can "touch" and use her powers - it's a simple but nice touch that we appreciate:

FOURTHRogue looks great when you combine her with other figures.

Here's her preparing Wolverine for a modified fast-ball special:

Rogue cannot really hold him since she doesn't have the hands for it, but a little blue-tack solves that problem.

Here she is with the rest of the X-Men. It's at this point that we have to mention that we're a bit disappointed that she's "short" for Rogue. We mentioned how we loved that Kitty Pryde (5'6") matched up well to Colossus (8') and Wolverine (5'3"), but Rogue is supposed to stand a distinct 5'8". She stands no taller than Kitty Pryde.


She does measure up quite well though against Carol Danvers:

Marvel Legends
Rogue v Warbird
And again with the help of  a little blue-tack:

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Rogue

FIRSTWhen you take her hand off to replace it with her bare hand, you're expected to use a modicum of force. When we did so, we did not notice that the rim of her glove flew off - it's not attached to the main glove. In fact if you look up you'll find some photos of Rogue with her glove on, but with the rim of the glove missing. We did not notice it had flown off til we finished, cleaned up and stepped on it.

So be careful because it's a piece that can be lost.

Speaking of rims, her boot rims are also not attached to her leg allowing Rogue to move with no articulation loss, but we have mixed feeling about how this looks. The green rings on her legs also move around losely. It's a definite great adaptation to keep her leg articulation high, but we have to get used to it.

Other than that and the height, nothing else. We're really pleased with this series.

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF series Rogue is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 28.40 (Roughly PhP 1,364 plus shipping). This particular Rogue was borrowed from a friend here in Fairview and set him back around PhP 1,200 (Roughly US$ 25)

A must have.

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Rogue
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