Monday, September 5, 2016

Marvel Legends Deadpool

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Marvel Legends Deadpool
Presenting the "Merc with a Mouth", Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool from the Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut BAF series.

To the uninitiated, Deadpool is not a fan of International Women's Day, but was genetically altered by the Weapon X program so that he possesses a healing factor that is so strong he can survive a bullet up "Main Street" - and live to talk about it.

Deadpool's healing factor is stronger than Wolverine's. Wade has shown the ability to survive full-on decapitations without the benefit of any external empowering force (Wolverine once regenerated completely - Adamantium and all - from a single drop of blood, but he was powered by a cosmic, reality manipulating crystal).

For more about the Marvel Legends Wolverine, chick here.

Which of course doesn't mean that Wade doesn't feel pain - so it really helps that Deadpool's mind is so messed up, he probably can't distinguish pain from pleasure.

So yeah, he probably thinks he can take down the Juggernaut.


The Marvel Legends X-Men Series Deadpool's blister pack reads: "Combined with impressive agility and stamina. Deadpool's powers of self-healing make him nearly unstoppable in a fight."

So he's literally a blood red (Hides the blood) whirling dervish with blades, guns and explosives. 

This particular Deadpool comes armed with a pair of katanas, a knife, two pisols, a space age rifle, a drum-fed shotgun, a Joker-ish rocket-launcher armed with a boxing glove, an alternate head with a face only a mother could love, and..... a taco.

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Marvel Legends Deadpool
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Deadpool

FIRST: He's not as bad as previously advertised. When he was originally released he seemed to be a bit too "beefy" to be a Deadpool and we joined the bandwagon that condemned him for being a far cry from the original lanky Toybiz Deadpool.

His detailing is excellent, his accouterments tend to be a bit bulky but we think they're manageable.

Further, we've accused Marvel of making the faces of their action figures quite deadpan. Deadpool's masked face seems to be quite expressive.

The fact that Deadpool is delusional also makes for wonderful photo ops - just check out that tush.

Take his mask off and he's actually smiling - something his Marvel Legends contemporaries don't seem to be able to do.

Then the delusions of grandeur start:

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Yes, Deadpool would date himself. It says so on the box
Speaking of delusions.... it probably works. AND, it pegs neatly into his back:

SECOND: We love the articulation! His limbs are not as lanky as the ToyBiz version and don't feel like they're about to snap without losing any pose-ability. He has more akin to the Marvel Universe Deadpool than his Toybiz version.

He looks wonderful with his swords:

THIRD: We love how his pinky always stands out. It's so.... delicate:

Yes, he can dual wield a sword:

Then throw in a stand:

You can also throw in his knife or a pistol:

Deadpool also looks great dual wielding his pistols:

THIRD: Jambo - kinda.... closer to an "I love you"

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Marvel Legends Deadpool

FIRST: His guns. We're not fans of the Rob Liefield school of flat weapons that clearly fire lasers but use ammo belts. For us, that rifle is a waste and something more realistic would have been really appreciated.

Deadpool's pistols and shotgun are actually quite cool and quite accurate in terms of their mold. Unfortunately Marvel in its infinite wisdom decided not to paint them with realistic colors. His swords are realistically painted and we appreciate that, but as you can see his pistols clash with his uniform.

So if you want to make this Deadpool action figure more accurate, bust out the gun-metal gray and your favorite grip color.

The shotgun looks better:

SECOND: Sometimes that pinky looks weird.

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF series Deadpool is available on Amazon for US$ 43.38 (Roughly PhP 2,038.86 plus shipping). This particular Deadpool was borrowed from a friend here in Fairview and set him back around PhP 1,200 (Roughly US$ 25)

He'll never be an X-Man, but he is a card-holding member of the Avengers.

Let's close with a very fun curse count from the Deadpool movie:

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