Friday, July 17, 2015

Combat Hero Optimus Prime

Presenting the Transformers Generations Combat Hero Optimus Prime from the Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set. 

Released in 2012, yes, he's a darker redeco of the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime - which is a re-imagining of the 1995 and 2006 Laser and Battle Covoys.

The metallic blue, gunmetal and red used in this Combat Hero Optimus Prime is attribute to the 1994 Hero Optimus Prime redeco which also bears the same name "Combat Hero Optimus Prime" that was slated for release in 1995 but was never created (However there was a finished sample that was auctioned off in Botcon in 1996. We do not know where that finished sample is).

As mentioned this Prime comes with the Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Pack that included a redecoed Jazz and Legends Class Decepticons Thundercracker and Motorbreath.

The blister card of the Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Pack read: "Against most opponents, the aerial mastery of Thundercracker, combined with the raw power of Motorbreath, would be a deadly threat. But against the genius of Autobot special operations commander Autobot Jazz, and the sheer might of Optimus Prime, they don't stand a chance."

Well, given that the Autobots are more than twice the size of the Decepticons in the pack, we'd say yes, they don't stand a chance as well.

We don't have the set and frankly don't ever remember it going on sale here in the Philippines, but we're glad to have the Combat Hero Optimus Prime in our Prime Collection.

What's to like about the Combat Hero Optimus Prime?

Yes, what do we like about the Combat Hero Optimus Prime given that we did not really care for the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime  - which we described as not "Having the character of Optimus Prime"

Which we still hold true till today. The 2011 Laser Optimus Prime  would be in storage had the Battle Tankers and MakeToys Mt04 Nemesis KO armor upgrades not arrived.

FIRST: We're digging that Autobot logo on his chest and the colors. While these may not be Optimus Prime's traditional colors, it's not as lackadaisical as the 2011 Laser Optimus Primes colors - this is particularly evident in truck mode where the Combat Hero Optimus Prime's colors reveal a unified cab from front to back, whereas the the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime reveals a rainbow of color highlighted by orange windows that just stick out like sore thumbs.

SECOND: We cited the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime for having a really, really ugly head and were so happy when the opportunity to change those heads arrived. But with the new colors, the head really works for the Combat Hero Optimus Prime - especially that blood-red face-mask:

THIRD: As with the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime the Combat Hero Optimus Prime has incredible articulation. He is capable of dual-wielding his short-blade however his leg articulation is still hampered by his wheels:

What's NOT to like about the Combat Hero Optimus Prime?

FIRST: Well as with the 2011 Laser Optimus Prime  the highlight of this particular Prime is still his immense shoulder pads, not his chest.

SECOND:  Again. A short sword? Really? It feels unworthy of a Prime to bear such a puny weapon. He needs something bigger, stronger.

Which is why we are definitely glad that we have the Battle Tankers upgrades. The Battle Tanker goes quite far in terms of helping nullify the huge shoulder pads and provides him with a better set of weapons. We should note that we, for once, did not feel the need to replace his helmet nor the need to replace his cod piece. We thought of gracing him with the MakeToys Mt04 Nemesis KO armor upgrade, but it would have covered up that nice Autobot logo on his chest:

The Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift set that includes the Combat Hero Optimus Prime is available on Amazon for US$ 69.40 (Roughly PhP 3,123 plus shipping).

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