Friday, March 27, 2015

Takara Generations Arcee

Presenting the Transformers Generations Arcee from Takara.

Delivering dainty destruction daily.

Transformers collectors worldwide have long been demanding for this figure to come out ever since the Transformers movie came out in 1986. While there were other versions of Arcee released through the years - most notably the DOTM Arcee, Transformers Prime Arcee and Beast Hunters Arcee - it took 29 years for Hasbro and Takara to finally release a G1 accurate Arcee.

In fact we've reviewed a 3rd party Arcee, the TRNS-01 Valkyrie which, one can debate, was copied by Hasbro/Takara in making the new Generations Arcee.

Of course, because Hasbro/Takara believe that boys don't want to play with "girl" toys, the Generations Arcee is quite hard-to-find. The Hasbro version actually sports black piping to help neutralize the "girly" factor of Arcee.

We don't read Japanese, so we assume that Takara's blister pack reads: "Arcee is one of the most dangerous Autobots, despite her comparatively small size. She believes the Decepticons must be stopped at all costs. 

That belief, combined with her combat training, makes her a pure warrior, a hunter who mixes speed and sudden action to strike Decepticon targets whenever she can."

We have to give Takara points for giving Arcee a nicer, easier to display and store packaging than the Hasbro Generations version.

What's to like about the Takara Generations Arcee?

FIRST: The fact that she exists. Seriously we had to wait this long? Why? It's not true that men don't like to play with "girl" toys because we don't see these as dolls - or even feminine (Well maybe some people do) - because the cast-of-characters is not complete without her. And then they made her rare? What the hell?

So we're really glad that we were able to get one - even if it is the Takara version - which is not bad because this is more Transformers movie accurate. The Hasbro version has black piping that makes it less accurate.

SECOND: Arcee is highly poseable. She comes equipped with a pair of swords which is a nod to her Transformers Animated Series version - which we don't have. We don't remember her having swords in the G1 cartoon. The ample placement of ball joints and rotating limbs have combined to grant Takara Generations Arcee a wonderful range of poseability:

We started off our Takara Generations Arcee with swords because a) they look like energy swords, and; b) when we transform her later, you'll see that there is a logical progression to how her guns can end up where they are, pegged to her hip, but there isn't one for both swords and guns. So we're assuming here that the swords are generated by her.

At this point we can here people screaming that there are peg slots right above her shoulder blades. To which we reply, Takara Generations Arcee's swords will keep popping out of those and her car mode will not support the blades being kept there.

Anyway, Takara Generations Arcee looks just as great as a pistolera:

We should note that the early promotional images of Chromia show her holding the gray gun that Takara Generations Arcee now wields. And we have to agree that the gray gun kinda breaks Arcee's color scheme so feel free to give the sub-machine pistol to Chromia

Because Takara Generations Arcee can dual wield her single pink - yes pink - pistol:

And yes, Takara Generations Arcee can kneel - quite nicely we might add.

THIRD: Takara Generations Arcee's Cybertronian Cruiser mode is solid and a fine tribute to her cartoon form:

And while the interior of Takara Generations Arcee is finely detailed, the paint job of the interior can be improved, it's nothing a little elbow grease can't fix:

Now like Chromia, it is possible for her to transform between modes and maintain a set of weapons (pistols or swords) on her hips. We prefer pistols since the blades are energy generated, but you can mount all four weapons using the various other peg holes on her chassis - you just have to remove them if you transform her.

But if you want a completely clean look, give Chromia the extra gun, ditch the swords and clip the pistol as shown:

FOURTH: If you are into anime-girls, then Takara Generations Arcee is kinda hot: Tiny waist, high proud chimichangas, and a booty with junk in the trunk. She's cute! 

So why would a robot need mammary glands?

What's NOT to like about the Takara Generations Arcee?

FIRST: Well we're pretty sure that everyone knows about her being a huge shell-former by now, so we won't bother talking about that that much. But it is Takara Generations Arcee's biggest let down. Even the TRNS-01 Valkyrie doesn't have a shell this big.  

SECOND:  It feels like we are going to break her hands open if we push her guns all the way in. 

There are actually ridges in her hands that prevent you from doing so leaving the guns kinda "high" and awkward looking. 

It's less obvious with the swords but it's the same case with them.

THIRD:  We're not really fond of the crack that goes down the side of Takara Generations Arcee. We don't know if we've mis-transformed it or if the locking is just tight or if there really is supposed to be a gap there. 

It's not as bad as the gaping hole on the sides of Windblade though, so we can live with it. 

This particular Takara Generations Arcee was purchased from the Facebook Group TF HK for PhP 1, 350 (Roughly US$ 30). The Hasbro version is available on Amazon for US$ 29.95 plus shipping. 

We prefer the Takara version.

Welcome home Arcee. 

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