Thursday, February 19, 2015

Takara AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime

Presenting the Takara Armor Knight Optimus Prime from the Transformers Age of Extinction (AOE) toyline-  AKA the Takara AD31.

When we first saw the Armor Knight Optimus Prime on the internet, we thought "Oh great! Another repaint released because the toyline wasn't selling." Yes, while we thought that the Takara AD01 was decent and we loved the design elements that went into it, there was nothing that would make up purchase the regular Hasbro version because it was crappy in comparison to the ROTF and DOTM Voyager Class Optimus Primes that we've come to love.

But when we saw this on the shelves, all we could hear was Bruno Mars singing "Gottta kiss myself I’m so pretty. I’m too hot (hot damn) Called a police and a fireman. I’m too hot (hot damn) Make a dragon wanna retire man. I’m too hot (hot damn) Say my name you know who I am...." coming from the snobbish package.

Yeah we kissed it.

The Takara AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime's blister card reads "Optimus Prime has long believed that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He has never wavered from his belief, no matter what has befallen him in battle. Once again ready to defend the people of his adopted planet, the unyielding Autobot commander prepares for the battle that will allow the Autobots to reclaim their role as Earth's honored protectors" 

Hmmmm. Releasing the dinobots to wreak untold havoc into the hills of Hong Kong - which isn't that big - sounds like the perfect way for the Autobots to regain the trust of the humans.

Especially since he leaves the planet right after (Leaving the Chinese People's Liberation Army to go "WTF?"). What's Bumblebee going to do to stop Grimlock?

What's to like about the Takara AD31 AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime?

FIRST: Armor Knight Optimus Prime is NOT a repaint. Here he is with the AD01 Takara AOE Optimus Prime that we reviewed last year (Left):

The Takara AD31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime is a rebuild. He has:
  • A new, broader, better detailed chest plate; 
  • A new tabard; 
  • new, simpler feet, 
  • A pair of new armored forearms - the ones Optimus Prime manifested when he picked up one of the swords in Lockdown's ship. 
  • A new Vector shield - which is now more of a shield than a buckler
  • A new Sword of Judgement. 

The Armor Knight Optimus Prime also comes with a brand new electric blue paint job, dark tinted windows and darker red flames. We love it as the hue is quite similar to the electric blue of the Tamiya Laser-Gill that we used to race.

Here's the Armor Knight Optmus Prime in truck mode:

SECOND: Armor Knight Optimus Prime can also do this:


Yup, flip open his head (Hey after three movies with Optimus Prime ripping the faces of Decepticons open, this is quite ironic!), rotate the faceplates and you can switch from the Takara AD31 Optimus Prime with his battle-faceplate down or with his face exposed (That's a really flat nose)

This is a really big and appreciated improvement over the AD01 Optimus Prime's very detailed faceplate which we already thought was awesome!

THIRD: Notice how both the AD01 and AD31 can dual wield their respective Swords of Judgements? Notice how the Armored Knight Optimus Prime's arms are higher? Giving him a prouder demeanor versus the slouched stance of the AD01.

That's because the Armor Knight Optimus Prime has wrists!

Yes, simply adding rotating wrists makes it all better:

While the Takara AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime still cannot kneel, he can now dual wield his Sword of Judgement over his head in order to.... dispense judgement:

What's NOT to like about the Takara AD31 AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime?

FIRSTWe're sure you've seen it: Armor Knight Optimus Prime still has that god-awful backpack:

We know you can remove it but he loses the side-skirts if you do which we don't really like.

SECOND: He still has those spindly arms. The new forearms helped, but he still looks all torso, little limbs. THIRD: What's with the yellow sword and orange shield? Happily we ordered a third party sword on-line which should arrive soon. But so far we haven't found any 3rd party shields.

This particular Takara AD31 AOE Armor Knight Optimus Prime was purchased from GreatToysOnline in the black market of Greenhills for PhP 4,000 (Roughly US$ 88.88). He is available on Amazon for US$ 96.40 (Roughly PhP 4,338 plus shipping.)

It's a wonderful piece of art.

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