Friday, November 28, 2014

Lego Star Wars Rebels The Ghost (Part 1)

Presenting the Lego version of the Ghost from the Star Wars Rebels series.

To the uninitiated, this is the primary freighter used by the main cast of the spanking new Star Wars Rebels animated series.

It is a modified VCX-100 light freighter, made by the same company that created the Millennium Falcon - . Corellian Engineering Corporation - which explains some of the similarities the Ghost may have with the Millennium Falcon particularly the dorsal mounted cannon and the two docking rings on starboard and port sides.

Aaaannd that, that's about it.

The VCX-100 actually has more in common with a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress from World War II. And you can see the dual cockpits and the forward, dorsal and aft guns. The only things missing would be the waist and belly guns.

The blister card of the Lego Star Wars Rebels the Ghost says nothing about the Ghost. But in Star Wars Rebels this is the home, of the jolly band of.... well technically pirates... that going around helping a fledgling and fragmented Rebel alliance that includes Order 66 survivor and Jedi Knight in hiding Kanan Jarrus; Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla; Lasat Warrior Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios; Mandalorian color demon Sabine Wren; Astromech Droid C1-10P "Chopper"and the Force Sensitive Ezra Bridger.

What's to like about the Lego Star Wars Rebels Ghost?

FIRST of would have to be the assembly. We aren't really master grade Lego collectors here in the Dungeon and we only got into it because of a sudden change in our lives that required us to step back and take a breath - by meditating mindlessly while assembling the Ghost. 

We assumed that we would have another flimsy Lego creation - as was the experience we had with Kre-Os - that would keep falling apart and having to be re-assembled. 

And while that may be true for the surface of the Star Wars Rebels Ghost, it was definitely not the case in terms of the core of the Ghost. We had to admire the engineering that went into the creation of the Ghost and loved how solid the center piece was. We honestly believe that should this ever fall from the shelf, that the exterior would break apart - easy enough to re-assemble - but the core could remain whole. 

Hell you could kill someone with it. 

We particularly loved how we didn't have to sift through a gigantic pile of Lego but found the Ghost separated into several bags of Lego instead that divided the construction of the Ghost into five stages that you can see above. 

SECOND:  We love the accurate depiction of the Star Wars Rebels Ghost. There are a few banes that we have to discuss later, but it is indeed a fine representation of the Ghost. 

THIRD:  We love the compartments and all the little gimmicks that come with the Lego Star Wars Ghost, starting with the B-17 styled forward gun cockpit. To get a pilot inside, you flip down the canopy and tug gently on a sled that is held in place by a small stud:

Unfortunately no, you can only fit one pilot up front despite the space behind Kanan Jarrus.

Next up is Hera Syndulla in the main cockpit which is a pretty straight forward cockpit. Simply lift and place:

Behind Syndulla is a small cargo bay that can fit another Lego character. You can also see the small weapons holders on both sides:

The Lego Star Wars Ghost also has two cargo bays next to Syndulla's cockpit:

One holds Jarus' lit lightsaber and pistol. The other holds one of the three spring-loaded missiles that the Ghost fires, in storage. 

Beneath Syndulla's cockpit on starboard and port sides are the spring loaded missile launchers:

At the very belly of the ship is a drop hatch held in place by a simple bolt:

There's a simple Lego crystal inside that box that we didn't think was worth shooting. 

Above the drop bay is the dorsal gun platform that rotates a full 360 degrees and comes with a tilting dual cannon. Both the dorsal gun platform and the front gunner sled can be removed from the Lego Star Wars Ghost:

Now on port and starboard sides, there is a bit of a surprise: What should just be docking collars eject to become escape shuttles. It is unknown as of this time as to whether or not the animated series Ghost can do the same thing:

Last, the Star Wars Lego Ghost has a pair of opening doors out back where you can pose the little Lego guys for group scenarios. It's the landing platform for the Phantom which will be a separate discussion:

FOURTH: We love the little Legos that come with the Star Wars Lego Ghost:

First up is Twi'lek pilot and the Ghost's owner Hera Syndulla:

Ronin Jedi Jarus Kanan:

And the last member of the team is Lasat Honor Guard Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios

The Lego Star Wars Rebels Ghosts also comes with one lone Imperial Stormtrooper:

What's NOT to like about the Lego Star Wars Rebels Ghost?

FIRST is the size of the GHOST is off. Watch the series and you'd know that the Star Wars Rebels Ghost sits two in the cockpit where Hera Syndulla sits. This cockpit only fits one.

Another cosmetic problem is that the forward entrance to the Ghost is non existent. The Lego Star Wars Ghost's nose gun is too big and too low completely covering the place where the forward entrance which constantly pops up in the cartoon series. 

Also the Lego Star Wars Rebels Ghost sits low. It does not have the landing struts of the Ghost.

But it was incredibly wonderful to build!!!! It is available for US$ 75.76 (Roughly PhP3, 409 plus shipping) on Amazon. For some strange reason  it cost THREE TIMES THAT in the Philippines. So grab it.

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