Sunday, November 23, 2014

FWI-4 Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit

Presenting the FWI-4 (Fans Want It - 4) Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit.

In a nutshell this is the movie accurate jetwing used by Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon. A movie later, in Transformers Age of Extinction, this is the jetwing that had fans (ex-fans?) screaming "Hey Prime! If you can fly what the f*$k did you need that jetwing for?"

But what can you expect from someone who built a movie around the question "How much is my special effects budget for explosions?"

When the movie came out, Takara released in 2011 the DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime. We loved the DA-15 which also had Prime in a Jetpack, but it was nowhere near movie accurate. So when rumors of the FWI-4 started coming out, we knew we had to grab it.

We have to point out that we heavily criticized in the DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime review that we hated the fact that the Jetwing only appeared for a small amount of time - and Optimus Prime ended up hanging upside down (We were embarrassed for Prime).

To be fair, half-way through the shoot we saw why he was having such difficulty: This suit is quite clunky.

Unlike the DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime you cannot completely fold/stow away Optimus Prime's wings. If he wants to run/crouch or hide, he simply can't because he has to keep his wings raised if he wants to be able to move - at all. At their lowest point, the wings will drag as you can see below.

In the end both the DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime and the FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade kits were far easier to shoot and far more maneuverable.

And the FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade makes Optimus waaaay bigger which is really, really cool.

What's to like about the FWI-4 Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit?

FIRST: It's movie accurate and we think that it is great that it is movie accurate down to the faults that we mentioned above.

It is definitely difficult to run around with this thing on your back - even for someone as huge as Optimus Prime - so it one can see exactly why Prime was nailed by Shockwave in the movie - because he should have been in the air instead of prancing around on a perch overlooking the battle.

How the hell did something this big fit into Optimus Prime's truck?

SECOND: The articulation of the wings is wonderful! If we were more confident about our mounting skills, this particular Prime would be hanging from the ceiling just so we can see those wings in action. Just like in the movie, the FWI-4 Jetwing must have granted Prime the grace of a predatory Falcon in the sky - which it did in the movie (Though it would have been nicer if it was give more air-time). 

THIRD: The detailing! Look at how much heat Optimus is packing on a single arm!:

FOURTH: And as with the movie, he does not need the Jetwing to fight. Optimus can just stick to his guns:

FIFTH: A set of guns that he can also use as a stationary weapons platform:

And unlike the FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade when the FWI-4 attaches to Prime in truck mode, it doesn't look like something crawled out of a swamp to mate with a truck:

Sadly unlike with the DA-15 Jetwing Optimus Prime Bumblebee cannot ride shotgun firing away in a gunner's seat:

What's NOT to like about the FWI-4 Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit?

FIRST: The first problem we have with the FWI-4 Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit is that FWI decided that it was time to advertise. There are FWI markings on the interior side of the booster rockets.

Fine these are mostly hidden by Prime's arms and back, but we know they are there. There are no such markings on the FWI-3.

We guess as time goes by and more and more people become familiar and the market becomes more open to 3rd party products that FWI felt the need to advertise.

SECOND: As with the FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade, while a great product the FWI-4 is a bit dodgy on the quality of the plastic. We would not stress or over-play this upgrade kit if you had one. Unless you feel like crying.

This particular FWI-4 Optimus Prime Jetwing Upgrade Kit was purchased from the TF HK Group on Facebook for PhP 3,800 (US$ 84.44). It's worth a little more than that now on the open market. You won't find this on Amazon.

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