Wednesday, March 2, 2011

G.I. Joe News for 2011

While nursing a very bad viral flu over the weekend and into the first two days of the week, I came across some very promising news on the web - there was nothing else I could do but click, so I surfed. I came across the latest Toy Con news from which showcased what to expect within the year for fellow G.I. Joe collectors. The G.I. Joe highlight for the collection was a spanking brand new SkyStriker!

The original SkyStriker (Designated XP-14F) was released in 1983. A full 28 years ago. I was only ten years old and the Philippines was not as advanced yet in terms of toy importation. There was no way I could have gotten one back then. The Skystriker was an almost perfect replica of the Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat - one of the most if not THE most iconic U.S. Fighter planes in existence thanks to Tom Cruise and Top Gun. The only sad bit of news about this re-issue SkyStriker is that unlike the original - and the actual F-14 which it copies - only one pilot will be able to sit in the cockpit of the new SkyStriker. Given the increase in toy-technology, seating one more character should not have been a problem. My personal theories are: a) They failed to get Northrop Grumman's permission or b) Well correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a SkyStriker in the cartoons piloted by more than one person.

Next up is one of Destro's Iron Grenadiers! AKA Destro's Mercernary Sales Force. Yes, believe it or not, they also sell weapons and receive a hefty commission if they can convince their buyers. What's so intriguing about this particular new figure is its primary weapon. A portable mini-gun. But it's not just ANY mini-gun. It bears a very striking resemblance to the M-56 Smart Gun wielded by the Colonial Marines in Aliens (The second movie, hence the "s", plural). I see a lawsuit from James Cameron in the works

Here's Sgt. Vasquez - never really knew she had an action figure - with the M-56 Chain Gun from the Alien's franchise. The only difference is the ammo crate swapped for the  "Still cam" chest support of the M-56.

Other figures to look forward to include a new Blowtorch, Crazylegs, and General Hawk - seen below.

And two of my persona favorites: Sci-Fi and a Cobra B.A.T. with a REAL weapon.
If you want to see more pics or take a gander at what else is coming, click here: Visit Toynews Article 1

Or here: Visit Toynews Article 2

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