Saturday, February 5, 2011

STAR WARS 30th Anniversary Coin Collection: Batch 1

In the next series of blogs - and because I'm just to happy to make it all the way to 60 - I will be showcasing the 60 coins involved in my now complete STAR WARS 30th Anniversary Coin Collection. This is batch 1 which includes:

#01 Darth Vader: This particular Vader came with the album
# 02 Clone Army Galactic Marine: These elite Galactic Marines were originally members of the 21st Nova Corps of the 4th Secor Army. They were seen in Revenge of the Sith under the command of Commander Bacara first following then gunning down Jedi General Ki-Adi Mundi.

#03 Lava Miner: Not really sure what they were mining on Mustafar, but the Lava Miners had a short appearance in Revenge of the Sith during the second to the final duel of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

#4 & # 8 R2-D2 & a Super Battle Droid: This droid duo recreates a scene from Revenge of the Sith where R2-D2 escapes discovery and capture in the hangar bay of General Greivous' command ship by first spraying the Super Battle Droid with a combustible fluid then igniting the fluid with his retro-rockets. You can also remove R2-D2 from his "boost", and lower his center wheel.

#5 Obi-Wan Kenobi: bearing all the items he used in his final battle with General Greivous.
#6 Mace Windu: As he appears in his final battle against Emperor Palpatine (Deflecting his lightning).

#7 Clone Airborne Trooper: I particularly like this figure because of the sculpt, paint job and accessories. He's absolutely loaded for bear. He's a member of the 2nd Airborne which was part of the 212th Attack Battalion of th 7th Sky Corps of the 3rd Systems Army under Commander Cody and General Obi-Wan Kenobi.

#9 McQuarrie Concept Storm Trooper. Can you imagine a world where Storm Troopers - not jedi - carried lightsabers combined with shields that could block them?
#10 Rebel Soldier Honor Guard - as seen in the planet Yavin during the awarding ceremony of Luke, Han and Chewie.
# 11 Han Solo (Smuggler) is actually inside my Millenium Facon (yes, I have one) which is unfortunately in storage
#12 Luke Skywalker as he appears in the Yavin award ceremony
#13 Death Star Trooper: Gotta love that hat.

#14 Biggs Darklighter: As he appears as a member of Red (The future Rogue) Squadron before his death in the battle of Yavin.
#15 is a MacQuarrie concept Boba Fett. Gotta love the Ghost White look. This particular figure came with two helmets, the picture om the left is closer to his final look. The intriguing part about this particular figure is the pop-open stomach blaster.

#16 is Darth Vader (again) this time standing on the remains of Obi-Wan Kenobi after striking him down in Star Wars: A New Hope
#17 is Biggs Darklighter again in the attire he was wearing in Tosche Station - read the expanded universe.

#18 is Luke Skywalker in his A New Hope outfit. He's also unfortunately in my Millenium Falcon
#19 is a highly detailed Jawa accompanied by the demolitionmech droid LIN-V8K 

#20 is well, your standard Galactic Empire Storm Trooper

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