Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Lanterns

In June of 2011, Green Lantern will hit the big-screen. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to showcase my Green Lantern collection. I actually have more Hal Jordans that what's displayed here, but most of them are already in storage. Most of these are from the Green Lantern Blackest Night Series (Ivan Reis art). Others are from the Green Lantern Series (Ethan Van Sciver art) released a few years back; and the remainder are from the DC Universe Classics line and there's one from the Justice Society of America line (Alex Ross art) released in 2010.

Hal Jordan is actually one of the last characters to be released for the Blackest Night toy series, along with the Star Sapphire Wonder Woman et.al (Though there are still two waves before they switch to the Brightest Day line). So I had to wait quite a while - over a full year as my first digital records of  John Stewart from the Blackest Night series appears in 2009  - to replace the GL Toy Series Hal Jordan on my shelf. 

I had to replace him because he didn't fit in. the GL Toy Series Hal Jordan is almost a full head shorter than the Blackest Night Hal Jordan and, subsequently, he's shorter than the rest of the series. 

So he's a very, very welcome purchase to cap a great collection.

Katma Tui is the wife of John Stewart. She's dead. Has been for quite some time. She was indirectly killed as a result of the actions of Parallax. Her latest appearance was in the Blackest Night series as a Black Lantern  out to kill her husband. DC also released a version of John Stewart - in a five pack I believe along with other Green Lanterns - with a uniform matching Katma's in honor of their union. I'm not really sure why they bothered making an action figure out of her - Since she's dead. Personally I'd rather they made one of her fellow Korugarian: Soranik Natu, Green Lantern of Korugar, Healer, current squeeze of Kyle Rayner, and daughter of Sinestro and his late wife Arin Sur (Sister of Abin Sur who gave his ring to Hal Jordan - is her genealogy twisted or what???? Far more interesting than Katma Tui's).  

Guy Gardner is an obnoxious self-centered jerk. The source of his willpower is his over-inflated ego and he can go suck an egg for all I care. He was a member of the Green Lantern Corp Honor Guard

Salaak: a four armed half-glass full kinda guy who's kinda stuck up about the rules. His dedication to the integrity of the Green Lantern Corp has earned him a place at the right hand side of the Guardians. He's so up the totem pole that when the Guardians disappeared during Blackest Night, Salaak took command of the Corp - over-riding the authority of the Alpha Lanterns. Today he still stands as the Guardians' Chief Administrator on Oa.

Alan Scott really shouldn't be here because he's technically NOT a Green Lantern in the literal sense. The Green Lantern Corp utilizes power rings that are real energy weapons that are controlled by the will of the bearer. Alan Scott's ring is magical in nature powered by the energies from the Starheart - note the difference in the ring (Click to enlarge the pic) and the lantern.

John Stewart: A.K.A: the Green Lantern from the Justice League Animated Series (God knows why it's not Jordan. I particularly like this figure. There aren't many John Stewart figures in the market. Before this, the only John Stewart figure that I know of had him with an afro on. In the early issues of the new Justice League, while having a conversation with Superman (I think), it's hinted that he cut off the afro due to pre-mature balding, but I think the shaved look fits more into his military background. He's also one of the more brightly painted figures and his ring actually sparkles. He is currently a member of the Green Lantern Corp Honor Guard

Kilowog, a huge figure with a huge lantern. Kilowog is best known for being pink, porcine and being the drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corp. However, having been slightly traumatized by the manpower losses of the Corp during Blackest Night, Kilowog stepped down from the position. The current Drill Instructor of the Corp is Lantern Stel. 

Kyle Rayner: The cheap two-bit replacement (copy) for Hal Jordan whom DC couldn't make money off despite giving him the power of Ion because he was just soooo unlikeable that they had to bring Jordan back. Honestly his older Black-and-White costume was much better. This one just isn't doing him any favors. He doesn't stand out and other than having a sex life almost as colorful as Jordan's he's starting to fade into the background for me. Personally I'd rather be following the exploits of Lantern Sodam Yat. He is currently a member of the Green Lantern Corp Honor Guard

Boodikka: Such a waste of a beautiful body. The warrior woman from Bellatrix was a one-time paramour of Lobo - of all people - and one of the Lost Lanterns - Green Lanterns left by Parallax (Hal Jordan) floating in space after ripping off their rings with "Just enough power to survive". Well survive they did and no one later could fault them for wanting to rip Jordan a new one - even Jordan. Boodikka lost her right hand in her battle with Parallax (Hal Jordan) because she refused to surrender her ring.

She later volunteered to become one of the Alpha Lanterns: A safeguard attempt by the Guardians to police the police as they were thought to be infallible. She gave up her humanity in exchange for more power, Manhunter capabilities, and a lantern where her heart used to be making her an emotionless cyborg. Despite the safeguards placed by the Guardians, Boodikka was possessed by Granny Goodness during the Final Crisis.

She was later again controlled by the Cyborg Superman (Hank "I just want to die" Henshaw) who realized that the Alpha Lanterns were like him - cyborgs. She broke free of her control and because of her actions was elevated to the rank of Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Corp - an honor declined by Jordan who was the first offered the position - with her emotions fully restored.

Arisia Rrab is actually younger than she appears. This little jailbait was sooo infatuated with Hal Jordan (Get this, this was the Hal Jordan who had the white sideburns - okay so it was pre-mature aging because of Parallax, but it sill looked like he was old enough to be her grandfather) that she willed her ring to make herself older. 

They break up eventually and she gets murdered but apparently her race has advance healing abilities so she comes back to life - where her anscestors- also former Green Lanterns - did not. She eventually ends up as the partner/mentor of Sodam Yat.

This is just how Hal Jordan likes his women - half-naked - who are so in love with him they develop semi-psychotic tendencies (Arisia's ring made her older not on her command, but because it was a deep rooted desire). Hal Jordan's greatest flame is not Arisia - much to her chagrin - but the scantly clad (Are my breasts showing?) owner of Ferris Air and Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris. Only time will tell if the two star crossed lovers will ever get together as Hal is currently still banging fellow-pilot Jillian "Cow-Girl" Pearlman (and not his boss!!!??? For SHAME!!!) and Carol was promoted to Queen of the Star Sapphires.

Tomar Re is dead. He was one of the more senior members of the Green Lantern Corp and in fact was an Honor Guard. He was a close friend of Abin Sur and was actually investigating Lantern Sinestro for reported abuses making him one of the longest existing Lanterns in comic-dom. He was in fact the first lantern to greet Hal Jordan. Tomar was killed by Goldface, during the war with the Anti-Monitor. He chose John Stewart to carry on his legacy.

In 2011, the Blackest Night series toy series will be replaced by the Brightest Day toy series. Here are a few of the figures we can expect in August of 2011.

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