Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marvel Legends Ultron - Iron Man Series

Alas poor Yorick! I knew him well...
Presenting Ultron from the Marvel Legends Iron Man Movie Series (Iron Monger BAF).

A lot of people have already talked about the Iron Man MK 42 armor from this series of Marvel Legends, so I decided to skip him a little and jump straight to everyone's favorite invulnerable villain and current cause of the dimension altering Age of Ultron in the Marvel Universe.

To the uninitiated, Ultron was created by the Avenger (Wife-beater) Hank Pym using Pym's own brain waves to program his personality (Why Hank Pym is still an Avenger is beyond me). Anyway, Ultron goes nuts, falls in love with Janet Van Dyne and goes on to try and destroy the world.

To make things worse, he's built from Adamantium - the same invulnerable metal that Wolverine' claws are made of, making him nigh impossible to destroy, and everytime he is destroyed he simply uploads/downloads himself to come back to destroy the Avengers again. Oh and he makes children too - somehow he needed to procreate - and is therefore the acknowledged father of the Vision, Alkhema, and Jocasta.

Truth be told I've never liked Ultron much. I think he talks too much and that robots shouldn't have to justify their homicidal tendencies. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Series Ultron's blister card simply reads: "Hank Pym's crazed creation will stop at nothing to conquer all mankind!" (No Mega-maniacal laughter?)

The "Inside the Armor Vault 5 of 6" instructions that come with the Marvel Legends Ultron states that "Ultron constantly upgrades his own technology searching for the power that will finally enable him to defeat the Avengers. The mad robot hatches a plan to harness the power of the genius who created Iron Man, hypnotizing Tony stark so he can be rebuilt as the menacing Ultron 9"  So for reference purposes, I suppose this is Ultron 9 and you can read more about him in Avengers #201 (Think I have that somewhere). the Armor Vault file goes on to say that Ultron has "Notable Tech: Revolutionary artificial intelligence. The brainpower of a genius unchecked by a human conscience." Note that there have been more "human" versions of Ultron in the Marvel Universe, including one suffering from Alcoholism (Ultron 15)

The bidding starts at 50! Do I hear 50!!!!
What's to like about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Series Ultron?

Well I like him waaaaay better than the Marvel Legends Legendary Riders non-canonical (?) chicken legged version that could barely stand (Or move) because he was so top heavy. I've seen the original designs for the Legendary Riders Ultron (Designed by Paul Kimoda) and he looks nothing like what came out (Produced by the Four Horsemen).

I like that he's simple. A classic non-imposing silver figure with a smiling face and an invulnerable body. Because that's what's so threatening about Ultron. He looks simple, but he can't be destroyed. He just keeps smiling at you.

I like that despite the fact that he's supposed to be simple the designers gave him so much detail. Check out his back, the designers took the time to give him a spine.

Articulation is excellent for this figure - though you lose some of it because of the shoulder pauldrons and interestingly enough, Ultron can kneel but it looks rather awkward.

And Ultron looks great when combined with other Iron Man Figures:

And Marvel Legends Iron Man Series Ultron comes with the Iron Monger's Head. You'll need that. 

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Series Ultron?

Aside from the awkward kneeling and the slight loss of articulation due to the shoulder pauldrons, I'd have loved it if Marvel Legends gave him fingers to move. Marvel Legends Ultron's hands are pretty stuck in a "The World will be mine! Bwahahahaha!" pose. Which I suppose is not so bad since Ultron likes to monologue.

You'll find some difficulty in dealing with Ultron particularly in the pelvic region. He probably can kneel properly, but I really can't seem to find the proper angle for his legs to move into. The articulation in that area feels pretty limited.

This particular Marvel Legends Iron Man Series Ultron was purchased from Toy Kingdom SM Southmall here in the Philippines at the retail price of PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 21.95). He's available in Amazon for US$ 34.99 (Roughly PhP 1434.59 plus shipping).

Ultron kicks ass.

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