Friday, June 22, 2012

Alisa Kiss (Alisa Farrington) Cosplay

Presenting Alisa Farrington, AKA Alisa Kiss, channeling Greg Horn's Emma Frost as this week's Dungeon Cosplay model.

Alisa hails from Atlanta Georgia - same place that Margie Cox hails from (In fact they have shoots together which you can check out later.

She's primarily known for TWO THINGS!!!! The first is being a Cosplayer - and an interesting one at that because she actually works on her costumes herself. She's been portraying famous anime, movie and comic book icons for years and you can check out her works on her Facebook Page: Alisa Kiss Costuming and Modelling; or on her Deviant-Art page. You can also try to friend her alter-ego Alisa Farrington on Facebook.

Alisa Kiss is probably best known for her interpretation of Emma Frost, the X-Men's White Queen:

An identity she has assumed for quite a few Comic Book Conventions (Photos by Ronnie Blaze Photography):

One more photo from LJinto:

Alisa Kiss is also quite well known for appearing in public as Supergirl - both as the pre-Flashpoint Supergirl and the New 52 Supergirl (Who has a costume that I don't really approve of so I'll ignore that) - photo by Michael Iacca:

From what I've gleamed though of Ms. Alisa Farrington, Alisa Kiss has a thing for blades. Here she is as Red Sonja:

Again through the lens of Michael Iacca:

Here is Alisa Kiss as Sophitia of Soul Calibur fame:

Definitely not a shy one, here's Alisa Kiss channeling her inner Goth as the vampy Vampirella:

Alisa Farrington also does a decent Wonder-Woman courtesy of Michael Iacca:

But I think she's too young for the role and makes a better Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark):

Here she is with Margie Cox as Wonder-Woman:

At the start of this review, I mentioned that Alisa Kiss (Alisa Farrington) is known for TWO things. We've discussed the fact that she's a geek into Cosplay. The second is.... well she's also an adult model. So if you've ever fantasized Emma Frost taking her clothes off, then sharpen your google skills.

We close with Alisa Kiss as Princess Leia through the eyes of Michael Iacca:

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