Monday, September 12, 2011

Lilah (Megan Fox) from Jonah Hex

Presenting Lilah - played by Megan Fox - as she is seen in the 2010 sleeper Jonah Hex. For those who did not bother with the movie - I'm not even sure if it was released here in the Philippines - Lilah is Jonah Hex's love interest in the movie.

This is the 3rd of my Sexy Action figure collection following my favorite Queen Gorgo and Princess Leia in a Steel Bikini.

Megan Fox's Lilah is a prostitute who shows obvious interest in Jonah Hex - what can we say? Women love tortured bad-boys - despite his hideous looks and seeming dis-interest in a serious relationship. Rumor has it that Megan Fox's corset squeezed her waist down to 18".

Personally I think it was quite a shallow written character. Why would a strong-willed woman like Megan Fox's Lilah who is credited as an expert markswoman who wasn't afraid of a fight and could handle herself well (A character very reminiscent of Sharon Stone's Ellen in the Quick and the Dead) resort to being a cheap prostitute?

Granted her character could just be a nymphomaniac (yay!), but Megan Fox's Lilah did not seem the type. If anything else she was quite cold with the one other customer who she "serviced" in the movie.

What's to like about Megan Fox's Lilah?

Well you have to love the detail of her.... dress... Megan Fox's Lilah's dress is movie accurate. It's the second corseted cowboy-era prostitute outfit that she uses in the movie. It's the outfit that she later fights in as Quentin Turnbull tries to destroy the Centennial Celebration of the United States. The only difference is that the rose covering her ample bosom is waaay paler in the movie and does not hinder the exposure of her cleavage.

Megan Fox's Lilah's skirt is made of plastic and is pegged at her buttocks preventing you from lifting them and staring at her butt - which really is a downer - However there is good news. You can stare up the front of her skirt. She is, after all a prostitute so easy access too her nether regions is a requirement of her clothing. Her panties - what looks like a black thong - appear more as an after thought and  there's quite a lot visible down there - she obviously shaved.

So if you love Megan Fox and you're a bit perverse, this 7" figure from NECA is for you.

Megan Fox's Lilah also comes with a period-piece pistol - the single shot revolver that she used in the movie that she can grip poorly in her right hand - though it tends to pop out a lot.

What's not to like about Megan Fox's Lilah?

The lack of detail. We say that this is Lilah as portrayed by Megan Fox, but does it even look like Megan Fox? I don't think so. Personally I think it looks slightly more like Olivia Wilde.

The problem lies with the flesh painting. Megan Fox is Caucasian but she's not this pale. She's quite tan and this paint detail is severely lacking in this figure. Just look at her lips and you'll think that she's about to faint as all the color has left her lips.

Megan Fox's Lilah also has a severe lack of articulation. Her skirt prevents most, if not all leg articulation and she doesn't have joints there anyway - other than the ability to turn her feet. The only other pieces of articulation she has are on her upper torso.

It would also have been nice if she came with a stand/base.

Still I suppose it's a nice figure that you must have if you're either a Jonah Hex or Megan fox Fan.

Megan Fox's Lilah is available for US$ 10.00 (Around PhP430.00 plus shipping) from Amazon and is quite common here in the Philippines as a loose figure.

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