Saturday, September 24, 2016

Marvel Legends X-Men Series Wolverine

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Fastball Special!!!
Presenting Wolverine from the Marvel Legends X-Men series Juggernaut BAF toyline.

We believe that the last time Logan wore the tan and brown uniform was when the reconstituted X-Men tussled with Magneto all the way back with Jim Lee's run with the X-Men circa 1991.

He's been wearing variants of the Yellow and Blue uniform since then.

For a look at the mode modern Wolverine costume, click here. 

Which is a shame since we thought that the tan and brown outfit was not just kick-ass, it was more tactical. How does Logan hide in the shadows dressed in canary yellow? (Even DC has recognized this and made Robin's cape black on the outside.)


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Star Wars Episode VII Walmart Exclusive Kylo Ren

Star Wars Episode VII Walmart Exclusive
I will finish what you started
Presenting Kylo Ren from the Walmart Exclusive Black Series Star Wars Episode VII toyline.

To the uninitiated, this is the Kylo Ren 3.75" Black Series that comes with far more articulation than the regular Hasbro 5POA toys. This is not the 6" Black Series figure that we reviewed before Episode VII came out.

For our review of the 6" Black Series Kylo Ren, click here

Now that we've seen Episode VII and we're almost half-way to Episode VIII, we know that the internet is still pretty divided about the efficacy of that cross-guard.

We know that the cross-guard doesn't work to protect Kylo. It's actually an offensive weapon for when lightsaber duelists get really up-close.

Personally we believe that the cross-guard is still more of a liability than a benefit. So much so that if you ever check out Ray Park wielding the cross-guard lightsaber, that - despite the fact that he can deftly play with it - he keeps it a healthy distance away from his body.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marvel Legends X-Men Series Havok

Marvel Legends X-Men Series
Presenting the Havok from the Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut BAF series.

To the uninitiated, this is Alexander "Alex" Summers AKA Havok, the younger brother of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. Singer's X-Men movies reversed their ages.

Marvel doesn't really seem to know what to do with Cyclops-lite. Havok and Polaris have actually been described as a 2nd tier Cyclops and Jean Grey

For more about Cyclops, click here.

Waaaay back in the 80s, we remember an Alex Summers who was pretty much useless because he was so afraid that his plasma blasts would maim or kill anyone he used them against - which is true, Havok fires plasma (Ironically Sunfire and hey! The Human Torch - have no such qualms), not concussive force (Which is what his brother Cyclops  fires).  As a cosmic powered entity (Again like his brother Cyclops), suffice to say he's pretty powerful.

So Marvel had to gloss over that period and allow him the ability to keep hitting people with his plasma blasts.

We should probably mention that the heat he generates can fuse the ground into glass, and when Marvel retooled him, they gave him the ability to use his blasts to propel him into the air (Yes, Havok can "fly")


Friday, September 16, 2016

Marvel Legends Rogue

Marvel Legends X-Men Series Juggernaut BAF
Marvel Legends X-Men Rogue
Presenting the X-Man Rogue from the Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut BAF series.

To the uninitiated, Anna Marie, the mutant also known as Rogue, is currently a member of Captain America's Avengers Unity Squad along with Deadpool.  A power thief, she currently has the powers and psyche of Simon Williams, Wonder-Man, making her nigh invulnerable, strong enough to take on Thor, and pretty much immortal.

But that's the current comic book Rogue.

This Rogue is based upon the 90s incarnation of Rogue as she was redesigned by Jim Lee when she rejoined the X-Men after being among the X-Men lost to the Siege Perilous (Though technically that may have been Carol Danver's - whose psyche resided in Rogue - doing, not Rogue's.)

In this guise, Rogue had the powers of the pre-Binary Carol Danvers, so: flight, invulnerability, super-strength and a "7th sense" which allowed her to predict the movements of her enemies (Allowing her to actually predict where a teleporter like Nightcrawler would next appear).


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Machine Boy Pocket War Commander - KO Generations Optimus Prime

KO Generations Optimus Prime
Hello, I'm you.
Presenting the Pocket War Commander from Machine Boy, AKA a KO of the Transformers Generations Optimus Prime.

When Hasbro released the Transformers Generations Optimus Prime, we severely chastised it for being a great concept in such a puny form.

For our original review of the Transformers Generations Optimus Prime - and for our subsequent Reprolabes upgrade , click here. 

Anyway we said that we would love to see a larger version of it, and someone in China must have heard us because.... here he is: A slightly larger Optimus Prime that's not quite as puny, but.... is still rather puny.

But because this particular Optimus Prime does not have any Autobot logos, this is, for legal purposes, NOT Optimus Prime. This is the Pocket War Commander from some rag-tag company called Machine Boy - the company also responsible for creating a Knock-off of Bruticus, and a plethora of other Transformers.


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