Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ultra Magnus Reprolabels - Combiner Wars

Presenting the Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus with Reprolabels applied. We're quite fond of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus and we said that he was worthy of how he looks in the IDW comic books and has a mold that fits nicely in his other versions including when he appeared as the Autobot City Commander in The Transformers Movie.

So we have to tip our hat to Reprolabels for creating a need and making as realize that there was "room for improvement."

The Reprolabels are based upon Magnus' original G1 toy design and his portrayal by IDW in the Dark Cybertron series, both of which depict Ultra Magnus with a solid red lower torso and upper thighs.

We honestly appreciate though that Reprolabels did not go overboard with turning those body parts red as Ultra Magnus' cartoon version is primarily white and blue - probably an attempt to make him as distinct from Optimus Prime as possible. We think that this is a fine compromise between the two. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Marvel Legends Dr Strange

Presenting the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Dr Strange Hulkbuster BAF action figure.

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon - sounds a lot like Tony Stark (Must be a mustache thing for Marvel. He's also a bit of a playboy) - who loses the fine motor control of his hands in a car accident, ending his career.

Ruined, penniless and desperate to regain control of his hands, Doctor Strange turns to the rumored healing powers of a mystic hermit in the Himalayas.

Dr Strange finds the Ancient One who refuses to heal him because of his arrogance and selfishness. However the Ancient one senses that there is an innate goodness in Doctor Strange and instead offers to teach him the mystic arts.

Dr Strange refuses, but is kept from leaving due to a blizzard. While waiting he witnesses an attempt at the Ancient One's life by Baron Mordo. He confronts Mordo and is mystically shackled while Mordo leaves to continue his assassination attempt. Desperate to stop him, Doctor Strange pledges to learn from the Ancient One. The Ancient One then releases him stating that he was aware of Mordo's plot from the beginning and wanted to see what Dr Strange would do. Steven Strange becomes his apprentice and Baron Mordo declares himself his mortal enemy.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic and Black Arts was born.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HALO Ghost

Presenting a Covenant Ghost piloted by the SPARTAN Noble 6 from the HALO Reach Toyline..

To the uninitiated, this is the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle or Ghost. The Ghost is powered by a "Boosted Gravity Propulsion drive." In essence it's an armored sled on repulsorlifts.

Quiet, lightly armored but fast (Cruising speed of around 60 kph, capable of boosting up to 90kph in short spurts.)  and decently armed, it's our personal vehicle of choice in the HALO games for two very simple reasons: A) The Ghost can strafe (Literally slide left-to-right while firing) - which no other HALO ground vehicle can do, and; If you get tired of lashing at Covenant forces with the twin Variant Class-2 Energy Weapon Systems, pull the boost trigger and wipe the floor clean of Covenant!

Covenant Ghost: When you need to absolutely, positively have to "mow the lawn." Accept no substitutes.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Marvel Legends Hawkeye

Presenting the Avenger Hawkeye from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Allfather Odin BAF toyline.

To the uninitiated this is Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton AKA Hawkeye: formerly the Golden Archer (Wow); the size changing Goliath; the sword wielding Ronin, and; for a few brief comic book panels - being one of the few people who had the talent enough to wield the shield, Captain America (Fallen Son: Death of Captain America #3). Clint turned it down after getting dressed down by Hawkeye (Kate Bishop). She was able to convince him that assuming the mantle and shield of a dead symbol of hope was wrong. Clint returned the shield to Iron Man - who ended up giving it to Bucky Cap - and Clint joined the Secret Avengers as Ronin.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Marvel Universe Colossus - Juggerlossus - Infinite Series

Presenting the Mighty Colossus - or Juggerlossus - from the Marvel Universe Infinite Series Toyline.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, Colossus. We're Colossus fans. Always have been since we started reading the Uncanny X-Men waaaaay back in 1986 when, during the Mutant Massacre story-arc, Colossus was severely injured for being the "wall" behind which X-Men and Morlocks alike found protection from the vicious killing spree of the Marauders.

Magneto tried to heal him, resulting in Piotr's paralysis. He would return during the Fall of the Mutants story-line with enhanced strength thanks to Magneto's "healing" which involved strengthening his organic Osmium steel skin.

But we always thought that Piotr's powers were... weak.... when compared to the powers of his siblings: Mikhail: an Omega-Level energy manipulator, and; Illyana: a teleporter and Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. So we thought that once day Colossus would realize that he could bring in more mass from whatever dimension he gains the additional mass and armor whenever he transforms into Colossus - becoming a literal true Colossus.

We never thought he'd become the Juggernaut.