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Friday, May 26, 2017

Marvel Universe All New Wolverine Action Figure

Overall we found the Marvel Universe All New Wolverine a tad bit bland - in light of the previous X-23 figure - and we expected a bit more in terms of features and detailing. 

We reviewed the X-Force Marvel Universe version of X-23 waaaay back in 2012 waaaay before Marvel thought it would be a good idea to flood "diversity" into its books and accuse us readers of being unable to accept it.

Marvel's David Gabriel would later "retract" his statement by stating that readers were not happy with the abandonment of the core characters of Marvel in favor of their new female - or evil - versions.

Personally we think that not only did Marvel shoot itself in the head by gender bending or twisting its main roster of characters, but because their writing of late has been really bad.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Marvel Legends Colossus - Warlock Wave

Marvel Legends Colossus - Warlock Wave
 "Get up and I shall knock you down once more."
The Marvel Legend Colossus - Warlock Wave  - is a wonderfully sculpted modern rendition of the X-Men's strongman.

We're big fans of the Mighty Colossus. We're not really fond of how Marvel writes him, but we love the X-Men's Knight in literal shining armor.

We've been reading comic books since 1986 and we cannot recall Piotr sporting a beard. The closest was the 5 o'clock shadow that he sported when - after a trip through the Siege Perilious - Piotr was snogging a really hot looking Calisto and living as a rather successful artist in New York, and; following the events of AvX, but nothing as robust as this beard.

So our interest was piqued when Humberto Ramos (Impulse, The Amazing Spider-Man) created a bearded literal Russian Bear of a Colossus for the Extraordinary X-Men.

He's since gone back to his clean shaven look.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Heroes Assemble Iron Man Hulkbuster LEGO KO

The Heroes Assemble knock-off (KO) version of LEGO's Iron Man Hulkbuster playset is quite a pleasant rip-off: stury, playable and, save for the missing LEGO marks, practically indiscernible from the original. 
Heroes Assemble Lego KO Hulkbuser versus the Hulk
Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!
If you haven't seen it yet (Have you been living under a rock?) millions of Avengers fans were thrilled to the bones when Tony Stark took on the Incredible Hulk in a suit designed solely for that purpose. One that he and Doctor Bruce Banner designed  and endearingly nicknamed "Veronica."

Monday, April 10, 2017

Thor Ragnarok Trailer


  • Hela triumphant in Asgard
  • Mjolnir destroyed
  • Thor collected by the Collector
  • The full pantheon of Asgardian gods including the Executioner and Valkyries
  • The Unworthy Thor versus the War Hulk!!!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Perfect Effect PC-15 Optimus Prime Upgrade

LG-35 Ginrai Powermaster Optimus Prime wit PC-15 upgrade Kit
I can see you
The TF Perfect Effect PC-15 LG-35 Ginrai Power-master (Head-master) Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit is a must have, and a fine teaser for what is to come. 

We are such big fans of Takara's LG-35 Powermaster Optimus Prime that we forgave them for making him a Headmaster - especially since the smaller Optimus Prime head formed by Ginrai is virtually useless.

Frankly we were not too keen about modifying a Takara, but Perfect Effect made him better, so.... here he is (And we absolutely hate the Hasbro version) with PE's Perfect Combiner - 15 (PC-15)

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